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For more than two decades, the primary vehicle for the Center's ambitious mission was the Faculty Fellowships in Ethics program. Designed to train those teaching ethics courses at professional school level, as well as those for whom this was a career objective, the Fellowships achieved much more, spreading the Center's influence throughout Harvard and to other institutions around the world. Under founding director Dennis F. Thompson's leadership, the fellowships provided a forum for university-wide communication and collaboration, helping to seed the ethics movement at Harvard while developing faculty and courses for the University. They served to build a community of scholars at Harvard and beyond who are committed to furthering the ethics cause; produced a body of work that continues to contribute to ethics issues in public and professional life; spawned a program to train younger scholars who are prepared to dedicate their careers to the study of practical ethics; and highlighted the importance of undergraduate participation in the Center's activities. Upon this firm foundation, and supported by a vibrant community of scholars, director Lawrence Lessig has begun to blaze a new trail for the Center's third decade by, inter alia, launching the Research Lab. This major initiative, currently tackling the problem of institutional corruption, is designed to address fundamental problems of ethics in a way that is of practical benefit to institutions of government and to society generally, a timely endeavor for both the Center and the global community.

"There is nothing quite like discussing the social responsibility of corporations or the ethics of war when your colleagues include not only philosophical experts on incommensurability, Hobbes, and theological ethics, but also practitioners who have worked as business consultants, corporate governance experts, and lawyers staffing war crimes tribunals!"

Edward Hundert, Senior Scholar 2007-2008